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2 – General test taking tips

3 – The major types of questions

4 – Vocabulary questions

5 – Time and Sequence questions

6 – Fact and Opinion questions

7 – Not and Except questions

8 – Qualifying words

9 – Inferences and Prediction

10 – Analysis

11 – Logical Reasoning (deduction, induction)

12 – Using supporting details

13 – Cause and Effect

14 – Compare and Contrast

15 – The author’s point of view

16 – Tone

17 – Finding the main idea

18 – Tips: Multiple Choice questions

19 – Tips: Fill in the blank questions

20 – Tips: Eliminating wrong answers

21 – Tips: Using Keywords

22 – Tips: Making a map

23 – Tips: Understanding and using the passage

24 – Time Management

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