What does ‘Crack the OAT’ do?

“Crack the OAT” is a powerful software tool that prepares you for the Optometry Admission Test. Improve your chances of passing the grueling OAT exam on the first try with our well-proven and successful course. You will find out exactly what you need to know and how to prepare yourself. To boost your scores for the Optometry Admission Test, we equip you with the largest arsenal of “real-life” OAT Mock Exams to put your knowledge to the test and the means to simulate the Optometry Admission Test by mirroring what you can expect on test day. You will become familiar with the makeup and format and learning through video tutorials and exploring the rationales behind each answer through dynamic explanations. The end-result is that you will be ready for the big day and hit a home run on your OAT Exam!